In order to start programming in assembly language, you first need a few tools. The minimal necessary files are incuded in the file in the utilities section. You can also download the other utilities, which are optional but highly reccomended. Download this file now and decompress it into a new directory.

The main program that you will be using to compile your assembly source code is called TASM. TASM is run through a command line interface, this being DOS. In order to simplify the process, I have included a file called comp.bat. In order to compile a program, you would click Start->Run, then type in 'C:\\tasm\\comp.bat MyProgName', substituting the path to hex.bat and the program name in the proper places, and click ok. A new file called MyProgName.8xp will be created for transfer to your calculator. If you downloaded Virtual-TI, you can test your new program out on that.

You can also use hex.bat to output hexidecimal code. It works the same way, exept that the finished code will be output to a new notepad window. Your can then paste that information into TI-Graph Link, making sure that you precede it with an 'AsmProg' token. This file can be saved or sent to you calculator.

Many programs will have bugs in them that you don't realize until you send it to your calculator. Running these programs may cause total memory deletion or they may even stop your calculator from powering on. If this ever happens, first try to turn on your calculator while holding clear. If that fails, remove all batteries, including the small watch battery and let your calculator sit for about 2-3 hours. Replace the batteries, and turn your calculator back on. I take no responsibility for crashing your calculator. All of the programs on my site have been tested by me, but I offer no guarantees.

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